Albumin, 4 x 60mL

Albumin, 4 x 60mL

Albumin, 4 x 60mL

ALB1000 CD
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Albumin reagent is used to determine whether a patient may have Liver or kidney disease, or if not enough protein is being absorbed by the body. Our kit, bottled and barcoded for the Olympus Au400 and other AU series Chemistry analyzers, contains four 60ml bottles and has had its set-up parameters modified validated, and verified by our clinical applications specialists, in order to ensure that the reagent preforms at the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy while consuming the least amount of product per shot. 

Reagent Kit Information

Only Olympus standardizes chemistry testing for low to very high-volume laboratories. This provides greater productivity, increased efficiency, and lower cost for your lab.

  • • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • • Renal Functions Panel
  • • Hepatic Functions Panel
  • • Tests per kit: 800


Storage Temp: Room Temp

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